Albany Getaway Camping

At Albany Getaway Camping we take the stress out of your Holidays

Camper trailer hire

For when you need something a bit lighter or to go a bit further

Caravan hire

Explore the open road, or camp closer to home with our all inclusive caravan hire

Dinghy, canoe and kayak hire

Explore rivers and estuaries around Albany and further afield

Albany Getaway Camping

Our aim is to provide quality equipment and good service, so you can have a great holiday.

Motorhomes & Camper Vans

We have a range of motorhomes & camper vans available for touring (holiday) hire. View the details of the vans below, or contact us for more information or to discuss your needs. All motorhomes are hired out per day with the day that you pick it up being the first day, and the day that you return it being the last day.

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