Condition of Hire


Upon booking of a unit for hire, a $150 deposit is required to be paid to Albany Getaway Camping to secure the booking.  If a deposit is not made within seven days from the date of the booking, the booking will be cancelled.

The deposit is non refundable if the booking is cancelled within four weeks prior to the commencement of the hire date. Before that time the deposit will be refunded minus a $75 booking fee.

Security Bond

A security bond of $1500 on Caravans is payable via credit card imprint or cash at the beginning of the hire and is refundable within seven days of the completion of the hire period.

A security bond of $2500 on Campervans is payable via credit card imprint or cash at the beginning of the hire and is refundable within seven days of the completion of the hire period.

You can choose to reduce your liability on campervans.

$15 per day to reduce your liability to $1200 (windscreen not included) 

$25 per day to reduce your liability to $500 (windscreen not included)

$38 per day to reduce your liability to $100 (windscreen not included)

$15 per day to cover one windscreen and one tire per hire.

The Maximum charge for liability options is 30 days per hire.

If you want to use any of these options it must be chosen before the start of your hire. 

Any repairs deemed necessary will be charged to the hirer from the bond funds. By signing the hire agreement the hirer agrees to Albany Getaway Camping being able to draw on the credit card up to maximum amount per agreement. All the units are insured. In the case of an insurance claim the hirer agrees to pay the excess, as per agreement.

Inspection is invited on the day of hire to ascertain any marks or damage before the unit is taken away.


Should you be in a situation of breakage or damage on the unit which renders it immobile, please endeavor to contact Albany Getaway Camping. It is the hirers responsibility to get the caravan or camper trailer to a safe place while repairs are undertaken. Running repairs up to $100 can be carried out with out prior approval, please retain your receipts. Repairs over $100 must be pre approved.


Tires are the sole responsibility of the Hirer, unless the windscreen tire package has been selected. No retreads may be fitted to the caravans or camper trailers.


Should you have the misfortune of being involved in a traffic accident please contact the emergency services first, and than you will need to contact Albany Getaway Camping. Never admit Fault or Liability. You will need to get a police report.

The hirer will indemnify Albany Getaway Camping against any cost or expense incurred by the hirer due to an accident or any other occurrence.

Travel Restrictions / Unsealed Roads

Our Caravans and Camper vans aren’t equipped for rough terrain and cannot be driven or towed on unsealed roads with exception of well maintained access roads less than 12 kilometres long which lead to recognized commercial campgrounds and major tourist attractions. Camper trailers are allowed on unsealed roads and most roads that a 4wd vehicle would normally travel on.  

 If a hirer disregards this request than the hire agreement has been broken and the hirer may forfeit their security bond.

Smoking & Camp Fires 

Albany Getaway Camping has a strict no smoking policy in all of our caravans and camper trailers. 

When camping near camp fires please ensure that no smoke or embers can entre in or land on the caravan or camper trailer. Any cost associated with the removal of odors will be charged to the hirer. 

Storage of Goods

While traveling no goods or items may be stored on the floor of the caravans, as they will slide and cause damage, which will incur extra costs to the hirer.

Accessories Carried

Should the hirer carry any accessories, eg: Bikes, Canoes, Kayaks, fuel containers, etc, these are totally at the hirers own risk, and no claim can be made against Albany Getaway Camping for any lose or damage. Even if the camper trailer or caravan seem to have provision to carry the above items, these items are taken at the hirers own risk, as Albany Getaway Camping has no control over how the Accessories are secured, or the weight of the Accessories, or the suitability of the attachment to carry the Accessory.


Please note that bikes and scooters may not be leaned against the side of the caravans, as this may cause damage.

Alcohol & Drugs

Should the driver be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving, and the caravan or camper trailer is damaged, the hirer is solely responsible for all cost. The insurance will be void.


The hirer is responsible for any fines that they may incur, while hiring a caravan or camper trailer. All fines will be passed on to the hirer.


A daily allowance of 300km is included with the hire. All kilometers traveled over this allowance will incur additional charges of 35 cents per Kilometre.

All Campervans must be returned full of fuel or a charge of $175 will be charged.

All  campervans are cover by RAC roadside assist. 

Should you have a break down please let us know and also call RAC. 

If in the unlikely event that a break down occurs and you are no longer able to carry on with your holiday, than Albany Getaway Camping will work with you to get you back to Albany. Our liability is to a maximin amount of the cost of the hire.

If the hirer fills the campervan with the incorrect fuel, than the hirer is responsible for the total cost incurred, and no claim can be made against Albany Getaway Camping.   


When returning the caravan or camper trailer please ensure that it is cleaned inside and outside and in the same condition that you recieved it in. Excessive cleaning may result in an extra charge against your bond.

Caravans with toilets must have the cassette emptied prior to returning the caravan. Failing to do so will incur a $55 charge.

Final Things

Honesty and integrity are part of our business, and we invite you to deal with us in the same way. 

We hope that you have a wonderful time during your holiday. We welcome any suggestions that would enable us to improve our service to you.


Boat, Canoe, Kayak Hire

  1. For your safety PFD’s must be worn at all times while undertaking canoeing, kayaking or boating.
  2. Canoes are permitted to go no further than 200m from the mainland coast while kayaks may go 400m from the mainland coast line in smooth ( protected ) water only.
  3. All  Dinghies, canoes and kayaks are licensed for all inland sheltered waters, and partial sheltered waters, between Walpole and Bremer Bay.
  4. Dinghies Canoes and kayaks are licensed to be used only between Sunrise and Sunset.
  5. All marine and environmental laws must be adhered to.
  6.  A mobile phone must be carried with you and switched on, in case of emergencies,  while using Albany Getaway Camping Dinghies.
  7. An app needs to be downloaded which has the charts for the area that you are using the dinghies. this must also be GPS enabled.


Water Sports Disclaimer

  • By signing this hire agreement you state that you do not have any medical conditions or ailments which may affect your capacity to undertake water sport activities?
  •      By signing this hire agreement you describe yourself as being proficiency in the water?
  •            I the undersigned understand that water sports can be dangerous and physically demanding.
  • I understand that participating in water sport could result in injury or death.
  • In using Albany Getaway Camping craft I understand and acknowledge the risk involved.
  • I agree that undertaking water sport is at my own risk and understand that Albany Getaway Camping can not be held responsible, and will accept no responsibility.
  • Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Life Jackets must be worn by all persons.
  • I acknowledge that Albany Getaway Camping has explained all safety procedures.
  • All Dinghy hire requires a credit card bond of $500


I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above conditions and agree with them.