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At Albany Getaway Camping we take the stress out of your Holidays

Camper trailer hire

For when you need something a bit lighter or to go a bit further

Caravan hire

Explore the open road, or camp closer to home with our all inclusive caravan hire

Dinghy, canoe and kayak hire

Explore rivers and estuaries around Albany and further afield

Albany Getaway Camping

Our aim is to provide quality equipment and good service, so you can have a great holiday.

Dinghy Hire

All our marine hire craft come with a full complement of safety gear so your safety is never compromised!

Here in Albany we have two wonderful harbours (Oyster Harbour and Princess Royal Harbour) as well as the beautiful Kalgan River. These are best  fished or explored with a dinghy.  Albany Getaway Camping is able to supply you with a dinghy to help you have an enjoyable time on our waterways. We have three dinghies for which you do not require a skipper’s ticket.

All our dinghies are licensed to carry 4 persons. We have one dinghy ( TD1806 )  that is  licensed to go up to 2 nautical miles from the mainland coast, in smooth waters. We have 3 dinghies( TD1807, TD1808, TD1809) that are licensed for protected waters.

Features: TD1807, TD1808, TD1809.

  • 5hp Honda Four stroke Outboard
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • set of oars
  • 4 Life Jackets
  • Bailing Bucket
  • Local Maps

Features: TD1806

  • 20hp Suzuki Four Stroke Outboard
  • Flares supplied
  • Four life jackets
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Bailing bucket
  • Flat floor
  • Recreational Skipper’s Ticket Required

Please Note:

All 1 day hires are from 8am till 5pm, all half day hires are from 8am till 12pm or 1pm till 5pm. If you require a dinghy from 1pm till 12pm the following day, you will be charged two half day hires.

Dinghy Hire Rates:

 For 5HP Dinghies                          For 20HP Dinghy

  • Half Day       $100                           $120
  • 1 Day            $120                           $155
  • 2 Days           $240                           $300
  • 3 Days           $335                           $420
  • 4 Days           $435                           $525
  • 5 Days           $535                           $625
  • 1 Week          $635                           $750

From Our Customers

“We hired a wonderful Caravan from Gary for the Easter weekend.What a star Gary was when we arrived in Albany it was all set up for us.Will definitely recommend”

Yvette Beck

“Thank you Gary for being so accommodating and helpful, especially in helping us pick the right van and in running through all the instructions with us. We hired the Jayco Penguin and not only was it absolutely adorable, but it was very practical and comfortable for our little family. Albany Getaway Camping gets a big thumbs up from us!”

Jenni Clark

“My girlfriend and I rented a little 6hp boat for a days fishing in the harbour. Gary was awesome, explained fully how to use it and we had an awesome day! Even gave us a lift back home too as he was going that way Would really recommend, price was reasonable too”

Day Hobby

“We hired a PMX Coorong for a few days, like many others we’re looking at buying one and wanted to give it a try first. Gary is absolutely brilliant, quality products and amazing attention to detail – you couldn’t want for anything. Affordable, no nonsense and a completely stress-free experience! Thanks Gary!”

Anita Green

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